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  • My NSD Spinner is not working properly anymore, what should I do?

    Because a powerball is manufactured with high precision and spins at high speed, it is very important to handle your NSD Spinner with care as the slightest thing can cause a reduction in performance. We indicate with most NSD Spinners whether it is 'shock...

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  • Do you also have any manuals available?

    An English manual is included with every order of an NSD Spinner. In exceptional cases, it sometimes happens that it is not included. That is why we have placed the same manuals with accompanying illustrations on our site for our customers. These can be f...

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  • The starter cord is stuck inside the NSD Spinner powerball, now what?

    First it is best to understand why it happened. This is usually the result of insufficiently tight winding of the cord in the rotor groove. The intention is that the cord really falls into the groove, and does not accidentally slip out during the winding....

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  • My NSD Spinner is making a strange noise, what's going on?

    First of all, it is worth mentioning that every powerball, if you were to shake them, sounds like something is loose. This is because the rotor is not locked tightly inside the housing. If it were, it cannot rotate and the ball will not work. The slightly...

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  • Can I open up my NSD Spinner?

    Yes. However, there is one thing: the only model NSD Spinner made for opening is the NSD Spinner Titan. All other models are a bit more laborious to open. In addition, there is the risk of losing the small parts or putting them back in the wrong order. To...

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  • Which NSD Spinners does the digital speedometer fit on?

    All powerballs on our site can be equipped with a digital speedometer. There are two versions of each powerball model for sale in our webshop: 1 with the speedometer, and 1 without the speedometer. The NSD Spinner Bluetooth is the only version that is alw...

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  • How do I attach or detach the speedometer?

    In case of an ordered Pro version of our NSD Spinners, we deliver the ball and counter separately as standard. This way we give the customer the choice to attach the counter or not. If the counter is not attached, in that case a cover is available to put ...

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  • What is the difference between the different versions of NSD Spinners?

    One of the reasons why we chose for the NanoSeconD range is because of the versatility of their models. Some have luminous effects, others make a sound as if a formula 1 car is driving past where other versions can be started super easily by the winding m...

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  • What is the difference between an NSD Spinner or a powerball?

    We can be brief about that: There is almost no difference. Because of the often Chinese counterfeit products, the names are a bit mixed up. Many lawsuits have already been filed and the main sellers try to obstruct each other with trademark rights to the ...

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