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My NSD Spinner is not working properly anymore, what should I do?


Because a powerball is manufactured with high precision and spins at high speed, it is very important to handle your NSD Spinner with care as the slightest thing can cause a reduction in performance. We indicate with most NSD Spinners whether it is 'shock resistant' or not. In that case, the housing of the ball is equipped to absorb the worst shocks (such as a drop on the floor) without immediately being broken. Read more about this in our Knowledge Base in the article about shock resistance.

However, this does not mean that it is indestructible unfortunately. It remains a sensitive instrument, especially sensitive to dust and dirt, which can get into the rotor mechanism causing a scraping or tapping sound. So be sure to always protect your NSD Spinner by storing it in a protective bag or carry case.

First of all, it is good to mention that the NSD Spinner comes with a warranty against manufacturing or material defects. Inspect your powerball carefully for visible defects upon receipt. If you encounter a defect, please let us know by contacting us. We will of course provide a suitable solution. The following situations are covered by this warranty:

  • The product arrived at you in a defective state
  • You have a luminous model, and it does not light up
  • You have a model with Autostart winding mechanism, and it does not wind up
  • You have a model with a counter, and it does not work (empty battery excluded from warranty)

If your NSD Spinner does not work as well over time, then it is necessary to investigate the cause which sometimes could be excluded from the warranty. Some of these common problems include:

  • You dropped the product, and it is now making more noise
  • You've let dirt, dust or liquid get into your product
  • You have used the product incorrectly (other than described in the manual)
  • You disassembled and reassembled the product yourself

Fortunately, it is good to know that (provided the problems are not too big) most problems can be solved. We have replacement rotor rings for sale for most NSD Spinner models in our webshop. However, replacing these rings is done at your own risk and is the solution for noisy or ticking powerballs in 9 out of 10 cases. On the internet (youtube) you can find videos of the method for disassembling the NSD Spinner. On request we can communicate the link to these videos.

Finally, the advice in general is: protect your NSD Spinner, and never try to clean the inside with moisture or try to lubricate it. A powerball works on the basis of friction, and if you lubricate it, this friction disappears and you can throw the product in the trashbin. If anything has gotten into the rotor housing, it is easiest to remove the counter or cover from the NSD Spinner, then try cleaning it with compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

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