Offer the NSD Spinner in your (physio) therapy practice

Since the NSD Spinner is a widely used tool in rehabilitation and prevention of various hand, arm and wrist complaints, we at today find many customers in various practices aimed at treating those complaints. Think of physiotherapy practices, Hand and Wrist centers, RSI / CANS patient associations, health and safety support organizations and many more. On this page you can read more information about how our products can help, and what kind of cooperation is possible with us in these areas.

The NSD Spinner in physiotherapy

Physio therapists

If you are a physiotherapist, and you want to use our NSD Spinner in the rehabilitation process of your clients, check out our page with training videos made with the help of the physiotherapy practice ANSR. They use the NSD Spinner powerball for treatments and like to use the reseller model. In this way, they help their customers prevent recurring complaints after a treatment, and they generate extra turnover: a true win-win situation. Take a look at our dealer page to see how much discount you can get in case of reselling our products.

Post operation recovery with NSD Spinner

Hand and wrist centers

After an operation aimed at solving arm, wrist and hand related problems, a patient often goes to a rehabilitation center for recuperation or for advice on prevention. has set up attractive discount campaigns together with a few centers. Do you also work at such a center and do you want to know more about what we can do for you? In that case contact us.

" My name is Annemieke Videler, physiotherapist and certified hand therapist. My specialization started during the many years that I worked for the hands team of the AMC in Amsterdam. Since 2015 I've been working at the Hand & Wrist Center Amsterdam (HPCA), an established rehabilitation center that focuses entirely on the diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist problems. Here, the powerballs of are regularly used to improve the strength and coordination of the wrist and hand... " - dr. Annemieke Videler (Certified hand therapist & physiotherapist)

Veiligheid en welzijn voorop met de NSD Spinner

RSI patient associations, health and safety support etc.

Since RSI remains a continuous area of ​​attention within certain professional groups, we have frequently delivered supporting activities within organizations to focus on the prevention of RSI-related complaints. What better way to do this than with a product that also makes exercising fun? The dynamic exercise that the NSD Spinner brings about and the high 'fun factor' of its use make it a unique and excellent tool to help prevent RSI. Also it gives a positive incentive within your organization to your employees to keep exercising despite the often sitting professions.

In short

The NSD Spinner with its unique dynamic exercise is a truly unique training tool for arms, hands and wrists. Due to the low impact exercise, it is perfect for recovery and rehabilitation. The NSD Spinner can be used as fast or as slow as desired. The use of momentum with a hand gyroscope such as the NSD Spinner ensures that there is less chance of overloading. Consider, for example, the effort that a muscle group has in running versus cycling. The impact of a cycling exercise on the affected muscle groups is many times lower than that of runners. The same principle applies to the use of the NSD Spinner. During your exercise, make sure to use the digital speedometer to have extra insight into your progress or effort.

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