Rehabilitation and therapy with the NSD Spinner

The products on our website are all aimed at helping our customers to resolve their complaints as effectively as possible or to support an existing treatment plan. Always contact your practitioner to determine whether training with the powerball suits your complaint.

For whom is the NSD Spinner powerball suitable?

In 15 years, we have received a lot of feedback, including a selection of conditions where our customers have had a positive experience with our products. This can therefore mean that, even if your condition is not listed here, it can also be the case in your case. In our opinion, exercise is always good for you, but you should always watch out for overload. We always try to keep the products in our store "adjustable" from light to heavy, so we make our range suitable for everyone and for all complaints.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

An annoying RSI complaint that we often hear from our customers. Tingling fingers, numb fingers or a reduced grip are often the symptoms that accompany this. Generally speaking, this often stems from repetitive movements such as typing, but also often heard from people who work with vibrating instruments such as a drill for example. The NSD Spinner helps you improve your circulation in your wrists and arms and often prevents and cures existing problems quickly and effectively.


A complaint that occurs 9 out of 10 times from overload. Tendonitis is an inflammation of your tendons and is a painful complaint in your elbow or shoulder joints that often radiates to your forearms and hands. Sometimes another condition is the reason for this complaint, such as rheumatism. Usually, tendonitis is a temporary complaint, which can often be resolved with targeted treatment. The powerball from NSD can help you perfectly with this treatment. Ask your practitioner about it!


In this form of rheumatism the quality of the cartilage between the joints falls and deformation of the joints often takes place. Since cartilage has no nerves, this relapse does not hurt and often goes unnoticed. It is only when it starts to hurt that the investigation starts and then there is already collateral damage caused by most likely an additional consequence of that wear or deformation. Consider, for example, pinched nerves, mucosal inflammation or tendon inflammation. There are several reasons that can cause osteoarthritis, in any treatment that is suitable for your specific type of osteoarthritis 'movement' will be the common thread. As long as you continue to consult with your practitioner and watch out for overloading, you can use NSD Spinner to perform a non-stressful exercise for your arm joints.

Tennis arm & Golf elbow

Contrary to what the name of this condition suggests, only 5% also find the cause in sports activities. The complaints arise from an overload and are in fact a sterile (non-bacterial) inflammation of your muscle groups in your arm. The course of this complaint often takes several months if left untreated. Pain relief and rest are indeed part of the treatment plan, but in collaboration with a physiotherapist and continuing to move, for example, by practicing with an NSD Spinner powerball, the complaint can also be quickly resolved.

Muscle atrophy

In simple terms, with this complaint we are talking about a reduction in muscle function. Basically a kind of underload. For example, it often occurs with long-term plaster treatments or other conditions that lead to a lack of movement. Recovery from this condition depends on many factors, but if the treatment allows it, our powerball from NanoSeconD can certainly support the strengthening of the muscle groups in the arms, wrists and hands in a fun and effective way. The big advantage of the powerball is the impactless isometric exercise, so no hard blows to the muscles or stress on your joints.


With hypermobility you have flexible tendons that are often hypersensitive to inflammation. Recognizable complaints are, for example, the sprains of your ankles or wrists. Most people who suffer from hypermobility are aware of this and already receive professional treatment for complaints. Treatment often focuses on strengthening these tendons in your forearms, wrists and elbows. The NSD Spinner is the ideal tool to support these treatments in a fun and not too complicated way. A few minutes of powerballing with the NSD Spinner per day can already contribute to a strengthening of the tendons involved.

Warming up & Cooling down

(Professional) athletes who rely on a firm grip (baseball players, golfers, tennis players, rowers) or who need flexible joints in the arms (weight lifting, twirling, bowling) regularly rely on the NSD Spinner for their warm-up or cooling down routine. Be sure to check out our other support tools to find the perfect instrument for your muscle group.

Purchased for my tennisarm, after 3 days already a noticeable result!
Super happy with my powerball. Because I suffer from hypermobility in mostly my wrist area, I've been suffering from a lot of pain. After 12 weeks of intensive therapy they recommended me the powerball to strengthen my wrists. Wow, it is fantastic that I can be rid of pain in this fun way!
Nice ball, it does what it promises to do and certainly relieves pain, I have a golf elbow and tennisarm, now at least they don't have to needle me anymore.
Started to work with the powerball and already after three days I'm noticing improvements in my hand. I regained sensitivity in my fingertips and my wrists have loosened up. Very happy with this. I'd almost lost faith after more than two years. This powerball is a must-have for anyone suffering from hand/wrist problems.
Simply good, had surgery on my carpal tunnel syndrome and afterwards they recommended the powerball. I'm satisfied!
Nice powerball, it does wonders for my wristcomplaints!

Other conditions

As stated above: “exercise is good, overload is bad”. That is something we at are convinced of. We also believe that exercise should be fun! The NSD Spinner powerball is the perfect tool to help with that. If our opinion does not give you enough confidence, read some reviews from satisfied customers on the right / above. In fact, we are so convinced of its healing effect: Try it out for 14 days to see if you notice a positive difference in your complaint handling. The only thing we would like to ask is that you return the ball to us in a salable condition if it does not help you. Read all customer reviews on this page.

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