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Can I open up my NSD Spinner?


Yes. However, there is one thing: the only model NSD Spinner made for opening is the NSD Spinner Titan. All other models are a bit more laborious to open. In addition, there is the risk of losing the small parts or putting them back in the wrong order. To make matters worse, the rotor can also become destabilized. That is why any form of warranty on the NSD Spinner will be voided if you open it yourself.

If you nevertheless decide to open it, follow the following procedure:

  1. remove the thermogrip from the powerball
  2. locate the 3 small screws and loosen them
  3. locate the 3 clamping plastic ends of the top half of the housing, and use a screwdriver to unclip them from the bottom
  4. carefully lift the top off the bottom, being careful not to drop or pop any parts
  5. lift the rotor, paying particular attention to the arrangement of the 3 rotor rings
  6. the rotor ring itself (the middle one that is attached to the shaft) contains small plastic spacers at the shaft ends, the order of placement of these parts is very important

To reassemble the ball, simply follow the exact same procedure in reverse. We can send us a video with these actions on youtube upon request.

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