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How do I attach or detach the speedometer?


In case of an ordered Pro version of our NSD Spinners, we deliver the ball and counter separately as standard. This way we give the customer the choice to attach the counter or not. If the counter is not attached, in that case a cover is available to put on the powerball.

First, the cover must be removed from the NSD Spinner. This can be done by placing a sharp, flat object under the edge of the cover and prying it up. The cover is fixed at two points in the rotor housing, try to pry on the point exactly in the middle of those two recesses, there you have the most room for insertion.

To then attach the cover or the speedometer, first place the recesses and the protrusions on the counter or the cover above each other. If they fit together properly, press the counter or the cover down into the powerball at those places with your thumbs. This may require some force, but if done properly it will click together and the NSD Spinner is ready for use again.

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