Instruction: Starting the NSD Spinner with the startingcord

Instruction on how to start the NSD Spinner with a startingcord

Here we show the method to properly start the NSD Spinner powerball using the supplied red starter cord. A clear step-by-step instruction that every starting powerballer can easily use! Are you still not succeeding with this tutorial? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Over time, seasoned users of the powerball can also start the powerball with a 'flick' of the thumb. However, never roll the powerball over your pants / carpet or any fabric surface to get it started. This will definitely cause dirt or dust getting into the rotor, resulting in reduced performance!

Characteristics of the NSD Spinner powerball

Characteristics of the NSD Spinner powerball with a startingcord
  1. Built-in LED lights will shine when the NSD Spinner gets up to speed: the harder you spin, the brighter the lights will shine. Works without batteries! (Only applicable to the luminescent models)
  2. Patented design with ergonomically shaped silicone grip: plasticizer-free so no sticky fingers after usage.
  3. A digitally balanced rotor, which remains vibration-free at speeds well above 15,000 RPM.
  4. High resistance polycarbonate housing, available in a variety of attractive colors. Virtually indestructible!
  5. Easy to start: put the startingcord in the designated hole inside the rotor groove, and wrap it tightly through the groove around the rotor.

Start up the NSD Spinner powerball

Startingprocedure NSD Spinner powerball with startingcord - Step 1

Step 1:
Insert the hard plastic end of the starter cord into the designated hole in the rotor groove. If you do not see it, turn the rotor around its axis until you see the hole.

Startingprocedure NSD Spinner powerball with startingcord - Step 2

Step 2:
Wind the starter rope tightly around the rotor. Guide the starter rope through the groove on the rotor with your fingertip. In the end, keep a piece of cord of about 5 cm to firmly grip it.

Startingprocedure NSD Spinner powerball with startingcord - Step 3

Step 3:
Make sure your fingers are no longer touching the rotor, then pull the starter cord out of the powerball with sufficient speed to make the rotor spin. Try to pull the starter cord away from the powerball as straight as possible. You don't have to pull with all your strength because you can damage the NSD Spinner or the starter cord. It is better to practice pulling a few times, faster and faster, until you have found the right speed.

Startingprocedure NSD Spinner powerball with startingcord - Step 4

Step 4:
Make circular movements with your wrist / hand to bring the powerball up to speed. You will automatically experience where the 'driving point' of the powerball is located. When turning, try to keep your arms still in the air, rotating only with your wrist. Think of the same movement as when you try to rotate an ice cube in an empty glass.

Tips for using the NSD Spinner powerball

  • The faster the rotor rotates, the easier it is to get the hang of it. Make sure the rotor starts up quickly enough by pulling the starter rope with just enough speed. After a few tries you will get the hang of it. Don't give up, it takes some practice.
  • Pull the starter rope out of the powerball by pulling it straight off the rotor. Don't do that as hard as possible right away, it could damage the string or the ball. Build it up slowly, just try it a few times, with progressively faster movement.
  • The faster the powerball spins, the better you have to hold it. The forces that are released ensure that the powerball wants to escape from your grip.
  • Keep the powerball free from dust and dirt on the inside. Never lubricate it! Is there something in the rotor housing after all? Then use compressed air to clean it.
  • Never touch the rotor when it is spinning, it can be quite painful!
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