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Quotation threshold

You can simply use our webshop for orders under 48 pieces. Any volume discounts (explained below) are automatically applied. Other special discounts that we offer may differ per period (Valentine's Day, Black Friday, Christmas). These special discounts are never valid in combination with other (volume) discounts.

A box of NSD Spinners from the standard, plastic, PB-688 series contains 48 pieces. The PB-888 NSD Spinner Titan and NSD Spinner 350hz Autostart (PB-588A) both have 20 pieces a box. For orders where a multiple of 48 pieces are ordered (or 20 with the metal types), it is best to contact us for a "customized" quote. In this case we can often offer you an even better price. Less work for us means that there is more discount for the customer.

Request for a discounted volume order

Volume discount

Our volume discounts that are automatically applied in our website are built up as follows:

  • Order 3 to 5 NSD Spinners and receive a 5% discount on all products in your order (excluding shipping costs)
  • Order more than 5 NSD Spinners and receive a 10% discount on all products in your order (excluding shipping costs)
  • Order more than 10 NSD Spinners and receive a 15% discount on all products in your order (excluding shipping costs)
  • Order more than 25 NSD Spinners and receive a 20% discount on all products in your order (excluding shipping costs)

Did you receive a specific discount code from us or from one of our partners, and would you like to apply it to your order? In that case, it replaces the volume discount specified here.

Discount on shipping costs

Apart from above discount, we give the following discount on our shipping costs:

  • For orders of more than 35 euros in product value (after discounts), we give a 2 euro discount on shipping costs
  • We deliver free of charge when the product value is more than 50 euros (after discounts)

Bundle discount

We also give an extra discount when you choose a bundle offer. These are combinations of products often bought together. These offers can be found on most of the product pages in our website in the tab “Combodeals”. The volume discounts and discount on shipping costs therefore also apply to our bundle offers (combodeals).

View all our bundle offers that we currently have on this page.

Delivery time

For orders from 480 pieces of 1 type NSD Spinner, it is useful to take into account approximately 3 months delivery time. We recommend that you allow an even longer request time for periods around the holidays (such as Christmas), so that you are optimally assured of delivery at the right time.

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