Get rid of your tennisarm or golfer's elbow or other RSI complaints with the NSD Spinner

Get rid of your tennisarm or golfers elbow with the help of the NSD Spinner powerball

A common complaint from our users is certainly the tennis elbow or the tennis elbow. But what exactly is the cause of this condition? And more importantly: how do you get rid of it? is not a physiotherapeutic certified center, nor are we affiliated with such an institution. We do have a wide representation in our customer base among physiotherapists and hand and wrist centers. The advice of your own practitioner is always leading. Also ask your practitioner for support with our NSD Spinner powerballs.
What is a tennisarm?

What is a tennis elbow?

In contrast to golf elbow, a tennis elbow is not an inflammation in the arm (tendonitis) but is caused by microscopic damage or tears in the muscles and tendons of the arm. There can be various causes, but in general often due to overload. The location of the complaint usually feels painful to the touch, and is located on the outside of the arms against the elbow. Contrary to what the name suggests, there is almost never a cause related to tennis (only 5% of the complaints is). The complaints often get worse when there is less movement: a really nagging pain. So much so that, for example, in bed so much trouble is experienced that it is impossible to get a good night's sleep. These complaints do not disappear with simply some rest and some exercises. We recommend the NSD Spinner as a supportive exercise tool for a treatment by a professional.

Test whether you are suffering from a tennisarm

Complaints with a tennis elbow:

There is a simple way to find out if you have a tennis elbow: Take a bucket filled with a few (2-3) liters of water and try to lift it up from a table with one arm straight in front of you. You will notice that it is difficult or even hurts when you have a tennis elbow. If you suffer from one of the following symptoms, this is also a good indication that you suffer from a tennis elbow:

  • Stiffness
  • Pain to the touch
  • Radiating pain
  • Reduced grip
What is a golfers elbow?

What is a golfer's elbow?

Unlike a tennis elbow, which is the problem on the outside of the arm, a golfer's elbow is a non-bacterial inflammation in the inside of the arm. Usually the cause of this condition is also found in over-tension of the involved muscle groups. Consider, for example, a chore around the house which is not performed that often, sawing or sweeping for example. Suddenly you experience a stiffness in your arm, it is difficult to extend your arm, and the pain radiates through your entire arm. The spot is often painful too, and at rest you experience a pulling and painful feeling. The complaints of golfer's elbow are more common at a later age. The NSD Spinner powerballs can support you in continuing to move and exercise those muscle groups, but we always recommend that you only start after treatment by your therapist.

Test whether you are suffering from a golfers elbow

Complaints with a golfer's elbow:

The test to find out if you have a golfer's elbow is easy to perform. Sit in a chair at a table, holding the affected arm with the upper arm down at your sides. Then hold your open hand and extended fingers up under the table top and try to lift the table. If you suffer from golf elbow, you will experience this as a painful exercise. The following complaints are symptoms in case of a golfer's elbow:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Tired arm
  • Armstretching is painful
  • Sore spot on the inner side of arm

The treatment

As mentioned, the people behind are not a practitioners. We can help you with a proper referral to one of the physiotherapists in our customer base. Use our contact form and we will respond soon! Do you already have a powerball, and would you like to see a demonstration of our exercises that have been put together in collaboration with Tom de Weert of physio practice ANSR? Then click on this link. Click on the photo of Tom de Weert to see an introduction of his practice.

Good luck with recovering from your complaints!

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