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What is the difference between an NSD Spinner or a powerball?


We can be brief about that: There is almost no difference. Because of the often Chinese counterfeit products, the names are a bit mixed up. Many lawsuits have already been filed and the main sellers try to obstruct each other with trademark rights to the exact same product. Both names NSD Spinner and powerball have been registered as trademarks at various trademark offices around the world. In the Netherlands and Belgium we have been using the name powerball since 2004. To clarify that we sell 1 specific type of powerball, we give it the same name as the manufacturer: the NSD Spinner.

We believe that the name powerball is generic because it consists of the words power and ball. You cannot register the word bicycle as a brand name either, because it is also a generic name and not a brand. Various judgments have already been made by courts about this, resulting in the fact that a trademark such as 'powerball' is not sufficiently distinctive and should therefore should not have been registered as a trademark. However, at the moment no one has actually challenged this because it is a rather time consuming and costly process.

In our website we use the product name NSD Spinner in consultation with the manufacturer. Furthermore, we use the word powerball wherever we believe we are talking about the generic name powerball.

So, NSD Spinner is the name of our product and the manufacturer makes powerballs that one seller calls powerball and the other NSD Spinner even though the product is 100% the same. None of this makes it exactly transparent, but it is something we unfortunately cannot ignore.

Of course you also get the uncertainty about which manufacturer made a particular model. And unfortunately there are also quite a lot of differences. In our knowledge base we have written an extensive article that has more information about the different manufacturers in the world.

On our website we only sell models from NanoSeconD in Taiwan. In our view, the only innovative manufacturer where quality is priority number 1.

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