What is an NSD Spinner?

What is an NSD Spinner powerball?

The NSD Spinner is a gyroscope that fits in your palm. The definition of a gyroscope describes (in difficult words) a mass that can rotate about three axes in a rotationally symmetrical suspension. Freely translated by us: a rotor on a shaft that rotates through a groove in the hand gyroscope. Your wrist movement ultimately produces the third rotational movement. By letting the mass (the rotor) rotate fast enough, a centrifugal force is created. This force ensures that the faster the rotor spins, the more force is needed to keep the ball under control. This necessary force is exactly what it is all about when using the NSD Spinner.

Purchased it due to a tennisarm, effects were already noticeable after 3 days!
Super happy with my powerball. Because I'm suffering from hyper-mobility, especially in my wrists, I'm in constant agony. After 12 weeks of intesive therapy they advised me to use the powerball to train my wrists. Wow, what a super fun way to keep the pain away!
Nice ball, does what it promises to do, and definitely relieves my complaints, I'm suffering from a golfers elbow and tennisarm, now at least they don't have to stick any needles in me anymore.
Started working out and already after three days I noticed an improvement in my hand. I got my senses back in my fingertips and my wrists are more flexible. I'm very happy with this. Had almost given up after two years. That powerball of yours is a must-have for everyone having hand/wrist complaints
Simply good, I had surgery on my carpal tunnel syndrome and after that they advised the powerball, I'm satisfied!
Nice powerball, works well for my wristcomplaints!

Health and fitness

An NSD Spinner is, besides the fact that it is a very nice gadget, also an instrument that is extremely suitable for rehabilitation and prevention of complaints to arms, wrists and hands. Think for example of (osteo) arthritis, RSI, CANS, tendon infections such as tendonitis, but also post-operative recovery. The dynamic force build-up helps to prevent overload, and the digital speedometer provides sufficient insight into progress and performance. There is no comparable instrument on the market today that offers the same kind of exercise as the NSD Spinner. But don't take our word for it, instead believe our customers who were so grateful to let us know with a rave review. Read all our reviews here.

Gadget with great challenging aspects

Besides the beneficial effect of the exercises with the NSD Spinner, it is of course also a very fascinating gadget. Everyone is in awe of the incredible performance of this handheld gyroscope. With multiple versions, we're also sure to have a model suitable for you, whether it is the effort of the exercise (metal versions) or the usability (with automatically starting rotor) or its cool appearance (with luminous effects).

Read more about the different manufacturers on this page.

The differences in the market

The NSD Spinner, also known as a powerball, is, like any other handheld gyroscope, based on the same patent from the 1970s. The device is generally about 7 centimeters in diameter, and there are many manufacturers today who produce a variation of this. We have chosen to sell the products of the leading manufacturer: NanoSeconD in Taiwan. They produce products of a very high quality and make continuous improvements on their products.

Read more about the differences in our range in this article.

The differences within our range of Spinners

Within our range you will mainly find a distinction in strength or effort, in appearance and in convenience. The powerful models are (partly or completely) made of metal. Take a look at these models, for example. On that page you will only find the Spinners for real champions. In terms of appearance, there is also a lot of difference: luminous models in the most common colors, or even changing colors. View them all here. And last but not least, we have Spinners that can be started automatically by an ingenious winding mechanism. We call this the 'Autostart' method. The NSD Spinners equipped with this Autostart mechanism can be found clearly displayed here. Finally, on all models you complete the experience with the optional digital speedometer, indispensable for a nice competition with your friends or family, or simply to monitor your own progress.

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