Starting NSD Spinners equipped with the Autostart mechanism

NSD Spinner with the Autostart mechanism

A couple of models of our NanoSeconD Spinners are equipped with a truly unique wind-up mechanism. Very easy to use, in particular if you are not looking forward to mess around with startingcords, or if you're afraid to lose them easily. This explanation tells you how to proceed to get your Autostarting Spinner up and running in no time.

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Starting NSD Spinners with the startercord

NSD Spinner with startingcord

After clicking below, we will show you the only right way to start your NSD Spinner using the included red startingcord. An easy to follow step by step instruction which helps out even the most inexperienced powerball user. Still having troubles? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Manual battery free speedometer

Speedometer (Battery free version)

An NSD Spinner training really gets fun with the help of the digital speedometer. The 6 features of this counter get an elaborate explanation in this manual. This manual concerns the speedometer which is equipped with only 1 button (called: FCN/CLR). This is one of the signs that a speedometer doesn't contain any batteries.

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Manual battery driven speedometer

Speedometer (Battery driven version)

Create more visibility on your NSD Spinner exercise, with the help of this digital counter. Its 6 functions get a clear explanation on this page. We only sell this speedometer very sporadically, this manual serves a historical purpose. The manual is written for the speedometer which has 2 buttons on its face (called: FCN and ON/CLR), this is one of the identifiers for speedometers equipped with batteries.

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Manual NSD Spinner Bluetooth

NSD Spinner Bluetooth

The NSD Spinner Bluetooth is the first model equipped with a low-energy consuming bluetooth (BLE) counter. The counter itself does not show any information about scores. This manual aims to provide the information about usage of the application to be found inside the Apple Appstore or in the Google Play store. For the start-up procedure we refer you to the manual "NSD Spinner with the Autostart mechanism" also to be found on this page.

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