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The starter cord is stuck inside the NSD Spinner powerball, now what?


First it is best to understand why it happened. This is usually the result of insufficiently tight winding of the cord in the rotor groove. The intention is that the cord really falls into the groove, and does not accidentally slip out during the winding. If that were to happen, and you then pull the string to start, there is a chance that the string will end up around the shaft of the rotor. If the rotor is already spinning, and it grabs the string, it wraps itself around the rotor.

Fortunately, 9 out of 10 times, it is easy to solve by taking a good look in the rotor to see how the cord is wound, and untwisting it in the opposite direction. In the worst case, you can also try to remove the counter, or the cover from the powerball, and move the string in that opening with a crochet hook. If that doesn't help in the end, then there is no other option than to open the NSD Spinner and remove the string that way. This action is a bit more complicated, and on request we can send a link for this to a youtube video with step-by-step guidance. However, opening the NSD Spinner will void any form of warranty!

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