A shockproof powerball, does that really make a difference?

As mentioned in the article “The different manufacturers and brands of powerballs”, there is a difference in the quality of powerballs. The Taiwanese manufacturer NanoSeconD ltd. has recently made a serious improvement to almost the entire range of their products. This change ensures that the NSD Spinners are and remain virtually indestructible.

Replaceable parts of the NSD Spinner

By cleverly adding a replaceable set of plastic rings in the shell, the powerball from NSD is much less sensitive to shocks and wear. Dropping the powerball on the floor isn't as big of a disaster as it was before. Also, have a look at the video here for a demonstration by the manufacturer how the NSD Spinner can withstand even the worst abuse.

Manufacturing process of the powerball

The manufacturing process is also aimed at achieving a product that is as sustainable as possible. The housing is poured into the mold at a carefully defined pressure and heat. Ultimately with the result that it can withstand even the hardest blows. Witness the video that is shown here.

Protection of your powerball

Finally, it is always advisable to handle your powerball with care. Nothing is better than a smoothly functioning powerball. That is why we also sell the necessary protective equipment on our site, such as the powerball bag or the carry case. This ensures that the powerball remains protected from dirt and dust, and that incidental drop on the floor (even though it can really take a beating).

Take a look on the left (or above if you look on your mobile) at the products on our site that can optimally protect your powerball or the replacement parts that we offer to continue to enjoy your powerball optimally.

Click on this link to see an overview of all powerballs on our site. Next, filter the list of products on the left side of the screen by the property "Shockproof".

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