The different manufacturers and brands of powerballs

The different manufacturers and brands of powerballs
For a good overview, we have made a list of the manufacturers currently known to us. To our knowledge this list contains the most important players in the market. Are you missing a brand or company in this list? Let us know and we will correct it immediately!

Counterfeit, or real powerballs

As befits any popular product, the NSD Spinner is also a frequently copied product. Fortunately, because in our opinion that testifies to the popularity of this fantastic training and rehabilitation tool. In addition, it of course is also an excellent gadget to be received or given as a gift. The annoying consequence, however, is that it is not always clear which manufacturer made which powerball. There are even websites where the products are called both powerball and Spinner. In order to remove that ambiguity as much as possible, we will try to maintain the name "NSD Spinner" as much as possible. This brand name is wholly owned by NanoSeconD ltd. in Taiwan. The misuse of this brand name for products other than from this company will be contested by that party.

Quality powerballs

An additional fact is of course that not every manufacturer is equally accurate with the composition and quality requirements of their products. We have chosen for what we think is the leading manufacturer of powerballs: the company NanoSeconD in Taiwan. They have proven that they never stand still in their development and continuously renew their products with simply excellent quality. Their latest innovation is, for example, the automatically starting rotor, which makes starting a powerball with a starter cord a thing of the past.

Manufacturers of powerballs across the world

DFX Sport

DFX Sport & Fitness LLC.

Dynaflex is an important player in America. Here they hold several patents on the hand gyroscope they call the "Dynabee". As far as we know, this ball is not sold in Europe. They are also the manufacturer of the so-called IronPower (or v-Power), an aluminum ball manufactured in Germany. The production of the latter seems to have ended because we can currently no longer find a supplier who is still actively selling it.

Nano-Second (NSD)

Nano-Second Technology Co., Ltd.

The Taiwanese superpower. Our main partner when it comes to powerballs. After Dynaflex's original patent, they were the innovative force in the field of hand gyroscopes. Anyone who has known the powerball for some time: the powerball Techno with built-in scrolling message, for example, came off the band at NSD. Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued for some time already. The Autostart function and all metal variants also quickly appeared on the market under their own patent. NanoSeconD currently only sells its products in the Benelux through our site. Although other dealers can be found in Europe, they 're-brand' the NSD Spinners with a different brand / logo, for example by adding "the original". In fact, we are talking about the same (or sometimes older) NSD Spinners in that case.

Resbo Sports

YueQing City Resbo Sports Co., Ltd.

In the past, we have also sold the powerballs from this Chinese manufacturer. They delivered what a consumer association would describe as "the most economical choice". However, this is a 'copy cat' manufacturer. So they use the patents of other companies to make cheap alternatives for this. The products are composed of slightly lower quality raw materials. For this reason we have stopped selling these items. Ultimately, they are simply less durable. The sales of this manufacturer mainly take place on marketplaces such as Alibaba, Amazon, Tao-Bao and recently even via The name "NSD Spinner" is a protected name. The balls from Resbo Sports usually have a name like Gyrotwister, X-Beam, Forceball, X-Power and we will probably miss a few, but unfortunately we also see the misuse of the name Spinner in the sale of these powerballs . They are often also characterized by the enclosed Chinese manual. We do not advise against buying these balls: the price is certainly attractive. However, if you want the most sustainable purchase, and a guarantee for perfect functioning, then in our opinion you should avoid these balls.


Tunturi New Fitness B.V.

A wholesaler in the fitness industry. Very famous for the fitness instruments and aids. In the past we also sold the powerballs of this manufacturer on our site as a 'budget' model. However, in our opinion the quality is not of the same level as the aforementioned brands, which is why we have discontinued the sale of these powerballs.

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