D'Addario Varigrip+


The Varigrip+ is the new Varigrip model suited for training your individual fingers of your hands, and thus developing tension strength but also helps you to develop better endurance.

The Varigrip+ is a hand trainer from D'Addario with the unique ability to adjust the intensity continuously for individual fingers. This allows you to tailor the exercise to your specific focus area.

Many musical instrument players experience issues with blood circulation in the fingers, stiffness, endurance, or dexterity. With the D'Addario Varigrip Plus, every user can adjust the effort per finger higher or lower using the rotating knob.

The silicone grip of the Varigrip is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands. It is also detachable and can be rotated and placed on the individual buttons, allowing for equal squeezing exercises for all fingers.

Any professional who relies on their hands and fingers will agree that maintaining your limbs is crucial to continue pursuing your hobby or profession. The Varigrip Sport is ideal for hand and finger maintenance, as you need to take care of them.

The Varigrip+ builds on the same functionality, comfort, and ergonomic design as its predecessor, representing a thorough evolution of the classic Varigrip. With a next-generation variable tension system featuring cast aluminum coils, interchangeable springs, and precise tension indicators, the Varigrip+ enhances manual endurance and dexterity. Its adjustable height adjustment can be customized to the user's grip, enabling players of all sizes, strengths, and skill levels to develop stronger, faster, and more agile hands and fingers.

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Training IntensityAdjustable
Weight (grams)106
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