NSD Spinner Heavy Metal


The NSD Spinner Heavy Metal throws its weight into battle: shock resistant and equipped with an extra heavy metal rotor. A real armtwister!

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The attentive visitor will have noticed that a shock-resistant Spinner with an extra heavy rotor and a normal size was still missing in our range.

Of course we already have several metal, heavy versions in our range, but if all goes well you would have already seen that those models deviate from the 'normal' dimensions. Where the NSD Spinner Titan, for example, is much larger than normal powerballs, and the NSD Spinner 350hz Autostart is a lot smaller (80%), we find in this NSD Spinner Heavy Metal a model that is equal in size to all other NSD Spinners.

Made in a beautiful dark shock-resistant housing in the usual size of 7.2 cm in diameter and of course equipped with the Autostart winding mechanism. The rotor is made of a chromium-plated metal version that is considerably higher in weight than the usual 270 grams. This metal rotor weighs no less than 350 grams! We'd like to see you take that to 15000 RPM! The force that is released easily reaches 27KG. We look forward to seeing proof with a photo.

Unlike other luxury models, the NSD Spinner Heavy Metal does not come in a transparent storage case, but it fits perfectly in the Carry Case that you can find in the accessories section on our site.

NSD Spinner Heavy Metal | Starter Set


€65.90 €62.95

NSD Spinner Heavy Metal | Power Set 1


€87.85 €75.95

NSD Spinner Heavy Metal | Stick Set


€72.90 €67.95

NSD Spinner Heavy Metal | Power Set 2


€77.85 €70.95

More Information
EAN Code8720865098104
ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
Weight (grams)345
Autostart Wind-up MechanismYes
Diameter7.5 cm
Training IntensityHeavy
LED ColorNot applicable
Rotor colorChrome
Shell colorSmoke Black
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