NSD Spinner Fusion


The NSD Spinner Fusion lit by several LEDs, changes color when you spin faster. Equipped with the Autostart mechanism you're ensured to receive optimal usability!

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What brings more joy than to really see the effect of your efforts? This NSD Spinner Fusion packs, next to the patented Autostart mechanism, another unique feature: as soon as you really spin up your Spinner, rotating faster and faster, the color of the builtin LED lights slowly changes from a beautiful red glow to a bright blue beam. You know you're at the right track that way!

Of course these lights do not receive power from batteries, but only using the movement of the rotor. The quicker you spin the rotor, the brighter the lights will shine! A twisted piece of work, if you ask me.

In terms of operating it works the same as a 'regular' NSD Spinner: the same workout, the same weight, and the same performance as any other (plastic) Spinner in our assortment. The only Spinners that deviate from that equation are the balls who are assembled with metal rotors and/or shells.

NSD Spinner Fusion | Starter Set


€51.90 €48.95

NSD Spinner Fusion | Power Set 1


€73.85 €61.95

NSD Spinner Fusion | Stick Set


€58.90 €53.95

NSD Spinner Fusion | Power Set 2


€63.85 €56.95

More Information
EAN Code8720865098081
ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
Weight (grams)258
Autostart Wind-up MechanismYes
Diameter7.5 cm
Training IntensityMedium
LED ColorMulticolor
Rotor colorYellow
Shell colorPurple
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