NSD Spinner Dynamics


The newest family member that even tops the Titan! the NSD Metallic Spinner Dynamics is the big electronically starting brother of the Titan Autostart. Just as much heavyweight power but starts with just a push of a button! A great next level fitness pure powertool!

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This New metallic Dynamics series, comes with a self-starting motor unit and precision counter for easy operation and maximum hand, wrist, and forearm exercising effort, all in an enclosed rotor that prevents dust and dirt getting into the gyroscopic mechanism.

By far the most advanced gyroscopic hand/wrist/arm exerciser, the new "PB-888E Dynamics" packs in functions and features never before seen — A self-starting, all enclosed rotor and gyroscopic mechanism with a powerful electric motor capable of spinning the gyro up to 2,000 RPM! Start your hand exercise with a simple press of the button, and let the motor spin the rotor up to speed to provide the gyroscopic resistance needed for the maximum exercising effort. Perfect for athletes, professionals, trainers, bodybuilders, and anyone looking for the ultimate in hand exercise. Comes in a precision machined aluminum shell with finger cutouts for optimum comfort and grip.

This beast of Power comes with:

  • Anodized, machined aluminum shell with high precision machined rotor to create the most powerful hand/wrist gyroscopic exercise machine
  • Motorized "self-starting" mechanism capable of spinning the rotor up to 2,000RPM for a complete hands-free start
  • Advanced multi-function, computerized counter tracks speed, duration, and intensity of the exercise
  • Fully contained and sealed gyroscopic mechanism requires virtually zero maintenance and lasts a lifetime
  • Machined indents in the shell for better finger grip and comfort
  • Dynamics Combideal Case


    €171.90 €168.95

    More Information
    EAN Code8720865098258
    ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
    Weight (grams)547
    Autostart Wind-up MechanismYes
    Diameter8.0 cm
    Training IntensityHeavy
    LED ColorNot applicable
    Rotor colorChrome
    Shell colorAluminium
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