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This speedometer is essential to keep track of the progress made in your NSD Spinner training. It doesn't need batteries and is equipped with no less than 6 functions.

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If you are quite competitive, or if you like following programs, then you should really buy this speedometer bundled with your NSD Spinner. It gives just that little bit more fun using the Spinner which makes it a lot of fun to challenge your friends or family members to beat your score. He will also support you with, for example, a warming up or a cooling down session after your fitness activities.

The speedometer is mounted on top of the NSD Spinner, in the place of the cover on top of the NSD Spinner. When you start spinning, the generated power from the spinning rotor will power the speedometer. The speedometer will switch itself on around approximately 4000 RPM. For good visibility, a red backlight will also illuminate the screen.

The functions of the speedometer are:

  • current rotation speed
  • highest speed achieved
  • total number of rotations in session
  • rotations per 30/60/90 seconds

This speedometer is suitable for almost all NSD Spinners, with the exception of the NSD Spinner Bluetooth. The latter comes with its own special speedometer.

This model SM-03 of NSD is the latest innovation: it now keeps the highscores in memory even without regularly powering the device!

For a detailed explanation of the meter, please refer to the user manuals on our site.

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ManufacturerNanoSeconD (NSD)
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